The Final Cut

So I am kinda proud of this assignment because it is something that I could utilize the skills that I have learned at school and for many years before.  My passion for recording.  Recording music, to be more specific and recording my music to be even more specific.

I was to take a topic of my choosing, research it, then tell the story without actually talking about it.  Naturally I decided to show off what I know and write a song and record it (two of my favorite passions).  It may seem like taking the easy way out in going with what I know and, for a lack of a better term, thinking outside the box.  I feel though that what I know how to do is abnormal in it’s own way when talking about creativity.

The topic that I chose was the Chernoble disaster of 86.  Enough information about this has been plastered over the internet so I will leave it to you to find out what that is if you don’t already know.  What I wanted to do was to write a fictional narrative about one persons experience with this event.  I took factual evidence and and wrote it into a story that I fabricated for entertainment purposes and threw in some education to go along with it.  One other thing that I threw in were some poetic notes as well.

Here is a link to the song.  It will take you to the MFT website in the band archive.  The page you will be on is that of Household Guns, one of my many bands.  Scroll through the songs until you get the song titled, “Twenty Five Reactors” and click on it.  The lyrics are listed below.

Twenty Five Reactors



Benjamin Masbaum

  It was a clear night in April.

Something about a plume while they slept.

What was supposed to be a test, turned out to one of the worst atomic disasters in history.

Just a picture that I found on the internet. This is not Tofer

For Kim and Tomik, it was just that and more.

Kim was pregnant with child.

Tomik was forced to evacuate his family from Belarus to Berlin.

The Damage however, was already done.In November of 86, seven months after the explosion, Tofer was born.

He had an unusually large head.  It was so large in, fact that the doctors had to rip open Kim just to free him from the womb.

Kim and Tomik were embarrassed of Baby Tofer’s enormous head.  They were afraid of what others might think.

For this, baby Tofer was locked in a room during his formative years and unable to leave or have friends.

During this time, Tofer was inclined to spend his days reading and inventing mathematical equations that would some day cure cancer.  Because of this, his head grew bigger.

Well into his twelfth year on earth, Tofer was given a newspaper.  It read of the aftermath of Chernobyl and the children born after that time.  Because of the size of his head, Tofer’s brain was equally large and he was able to put the pieces together and discover that he two was a child of Chernobyl.

I could not believe that this could happen to me but it can.

And there are many places in the Midwest, twenty five reactors

He can find the others,

They will join a circus

It will give him powers.

He will cure diseases

Tofer knows that the greatest concentrations on radiation still affect the 13 million still living in Belarus, Ukraine, and European Russia.  He wishes he could find a way to help them all but he knows in his heart he can do nothing.

Twenty-five years later

He can see the future

But he can’t cure cancer

That’s ok he won’t live


Tofer never learned how to speak English

Even though he never had to.  But it would have helped his cause greatly.   Now sick with disease himself, Tofer on his deathbed wants a kiss before he dies.

Time goes on, the smokes clears, and the danger still exists.

The story is fictional about a boy who was born in Belarus Russia durning the Chernobyl disaster.  Because of radiation exposure from his parents while he was in the womb, the boy was born with a big head.  along with having a big head, the boy was super smart and dreamed of one day curing cancer.  I also threw in some self revelations about how we, (in the midwest) could be affected by nuclear fall out from the 25 Reactors stationed mostly in Illinois and some in Ohio.

Thanks, and enjoy!


About Benjamin Masbaum

I am a student of Media Arts and Science in the Informatics program at IUPUI. I am fascinated with music, motion art, and the affiliation o
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