aaaargh! I hate this assignment.

Why am I here?  Hell I don’t know.  Of coarse we need to know what “here” is.  This is a question that is asked of me from time to time and, as much as it seems like an easy question, it is not capable of an easy answer.  That is why I hate that question so.  I want to show you something.  It is not funny, although you might think so.


You might think that some of these photos are funny, but to me, they are infuriating (except for the first one).  People watch the Maury Povich show and the Jerry Springer show and laugh.  They think it is funny that other people act stupid and unaccountable for their actions.  They give other ignorant people a reason to act stupid.  Because it is entertaining.  So why is it cool to be “gangsta”?  why is it cool to be a criminal?  Then you get what we have in picture 2.  A couple of ignorant children thinking this is the good life.  The sad thing is that their parents are probably no different.

Can you believe that I actually know people who have no problem telling me that they just got out of jail for some kind of drunkenly or disorderly conduct?  They just work it into conversation like it is no big deal.  If I were in their shoes, I would be too embarrassed to mention it.  I would probably lie about it.

For the purpose of this assignment, I choose to use “here” meaning “school”.  Why am I getting an education?  So that I don’t act like these people that I speak of.  Although I would like to think that, even if I didn’t have a college education, I am intelligent enough not to make these stupid mistakes but that is neither here nor there.  I like to think that, if anything, college will give me the opportunity to meet people who are not ignorant because like-minded people tend to find each other.

Hoooooly Shit!  While I write this blog, I am finding out that People in prison can go to college and have it payed for by the government.  Meanwhile, I (a responsible and intelligent person) am racking up a $40,000 bill.  “Nice”.  If I loose a position in a respectable company to someone who killed another person, I swear I will Kill someone myself.  (That is sarcasm.  I must let you know that before some other dumb ass decides that I am some trench coat wearing postal retard, and has me banned from the internet for speaking my mind, or even worse).


About Benjamin Masbaum

I am a student of Media Arts and Science in the Informatics program at IUPUI. I am fascinated with music, motion art, and the affiliation o
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