2 Hours and 40 Minutes of Bliss

It was our bliss assignment we were told to take the 2 hours and forty minutes of class time and do something just for you.  That is what I did.  It is private, as instructed by the assignment and that it what it will remain.  Although I can ease the suspension by saying, It was nothing worth writing about.  Next we were to take the stuffed animals and do something that had to do with contradiction and harmony.  This is my story.

I was given the stuffed animal that was a mock up of “Shaggy” from T.V.’s “Scooby Doo”.  At first, I wanted to transform him into the opposite as he was.  On the show, shaggy is a paranormal investigator.  He is described as a lanky, scrubby fellow with an immature disposition and a squeaky voice who manages to become side-tracked from the rest of the ghost hunting group along-side his best friend, a dog by the name of “Scooby Doo”.

To transform him into the opposite of his own personality, I would have to cut his hair and give him a suit and tie.  Possibly I would have to cut the whiskers on his chin however I was unable to pull the threads which acted as a scruffy beard on his face.

after looking at a couple of dollar stores, I could not find a doll suit.  I did, however find an adorable little police uniform that was meant for a stuffed bear.  I figured the contrast there would be a little less obvious and could use a further explanation.

As Shaggy is rumored, amongst the teenaged crowd, which is probably half of the T.V. show’s viewing audience, as being a stoner because of his droopy eyes and laid-back, hippy swagger along with his hilarious view of the world.  I think that a police uniform would be an excellent contrast.  I cut his hair, as planned, put the police uniform on him, and drew a mustache on his face.








From Stoner Shaggy to “Straight and arrow” cop Shaggy.


About Benjamin Masbaum

I am a student of Media Arts and Science in the Informatics program at IUPUI. I am fascinated with music, motion art, and the affiliation o
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