I Just Didn’t Want It

So Beth (our teacher) gave us the assignment of taking an egg from the carton she laid out and do something with it.  It took me a a while to think of something clever to do with the egg but after extensive soul searching and meditation, I came to the conclusion that I would pay it forward and put it back into the chicken.

This means of course that I would stuff it into an actual live chicken.  actually I had though about that but I assumed it would be slightly to much of a mess and I settled for a rubber chicken.

None of this actually happened.  Instead, I realized that I just plain and simply did not want the egg.  For what ever reason, weather it being that I wasn’t feeling like eating egg or I just didn’t want to carry the burden of such a delicate piece of dairy.  I decided then to take it back to the store.  I thought that if I didn’t want it, there is no use for waist and I would turn it over to someone who really needed it.  who would that be?  Well, a likely consumer of the Marsh at 62nd and Keystone.

as I walk down the dairy isle with egg and camera in pocket, I thought for a second that this was such A good deed that I was doing in giving back egg.  Americans consume too many things as it is and makes trash out of just about any and everything we can put our greedy hands on, so this was my way of taking only what I needed and returning the rest.

I put the egg on top of an existing carton in the dairy, turned around, and left the store.  I have never felt more liberated in my life.


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I don’t really know what to expect with this class.  I feel like it will be slightly outside of convention.  I hope this class will help me to see outside the box just a bit.  I always have been told that I have an odd way of thinking but I can tell by there reactions that no one can relate to me in most of my expressions.  I hope I can convey my expressions so that people will understand.  I don’t care who agrees with me, I just want people to get it.

I kinda need some inspiration for my art.  I have been doing sort of the same thing for the last five years and I feel that it is making me stale.  routine deteriorates creativity.

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Hello world!

Today was the my first day of school for the semester, thus was my first day with n385.  I am supposed to write about what I like about the first day and my expectations of this class so here I go.

I liked discussing what our interpretations of art and new media was.  Although I didn’t talk much at first, I was able to say what I was wanting to say by the end of class.  some people didn’t even talk.  I don’t participate in discussions as much as some people but I can’t understand how one can’t talk at all in class or take part in discussions.  It seems like a waste of energy.  I know that doesn’t sound right that’s exactly what I meant.

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