Stupid Rules

This class is definitely interesting to say the least.  I actually enjoy the discussions even though I am a bit nervous to express myself most of the time.  It is a big class and some of the people can be quite annoying.  It’s always the people who speak up too much because they think they are funny.  I get that humor is a way to cope with your fears and what not but lets just leave the comedy to the comedians.  however, I am probably just old.  I acted the same way when I was most of these guys’ age.

the discussion of class was about rules and whether or not which rules are good or necessary.  We were ask to name a time when a rule has kept us from doing what I wanted to do.  Let me just say that there are too many to think of.

One particular instance that comes to mind is with parking.  I hate parking rules.  One time I was living in an apartment building downtown.  there was a big parking lot just outside the building that was reserved for tenants who payed an extra 50 dollars a month to park there.  First off, where does this business get off charging an extra 50 dollars a month?  That is ridiculous in and of itself.  Second, because of this outlandish rule, nobody but five people actually paid for this service so you can guess how empty this parking lot was at all times.  Mind you, this is downtown so the rest of us who lived in the building had to park a few blocks away at times because of the lack of good parking downtown Indianapolis.

One time, I had actually parked there.  My car was towed.  Take that back; it was stollen and held for ransom by the City and the honest people of “Zender Properties”.  It infuriated me to the point that I put my fist and foot through a couple of there lobby windows.  They can just use that ransom money that they would be getting fat on to pay for some glass.  Serves them right!


About Benjamin Masbaum

I am a student of Media Arts and Science in the Informatics program at IUPUI. I am fascinated with music, motion art, and the affiliation o
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